The countdown is on! As you prepare to reopen your beauty business there are several things to consider to ensure the safety of your clients and staff members. Having a plan in place will help you manage demand, ensure you are following government guidelines, and reassure your customers. Here are 10 things to consider before opening your salon/clinic.

Please note this post offers information and guidance only. Always seek legal advice.

Contact Your Staff

Firstly before reopening, contact your employees and keep them informed on vital updates. This includes:

  • Confirmed opening date/ changes to opening hours
  • Changes to health & safety procedures
  • Update on salary/furlough payments
  • Avoiding taking public transport to work

Discuss these new ways of working with your employees so they feel involved in the decision making and have the opportunity to make their suggestions and raise any concerns.

Vulnerable Clients

How will you decide which clients get priority? You may wish to focus on clients who had their appointments canceled due to COVID-19. Or, you could operate a ‘first come, first served’ approach. If you have a lot of elderly clients you could set up a ‘vulnerable clients’ hour during less busy times. Make sure you update your website and social media with any changes to opening times.

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Social Distancing 

Plan how many clients you will be able to fit in each day to make sure social distancing is still possible; this could mean longer opening hours to fulfill demand. Why not introduce staggered arrival times to reduce the number of customers in your waiting area? Marking out two metre distances on the floor will also encourage clients and employees to keep their distance. As well as this, ask clients not to bring any friends or children with them to the appointment.

Assessment Form

Prior to each appointment ask your clients to complete a coronavirus assessment form (free download available HERE). This will make sure that clients comply with your health and safety measures whilst confirming you have put steps in place to ensure the safety of employees and clients. 

Clean, clean, clean!

Get organised by ordering cleaning equipment and PPE in advance. Don’t forget, these popular items are taking longer to arrive and you’ll get through stock quickly as most PPE items will be single-use only. Ensure you have enough tools and equipment for use whilst others are being sterilized. 


Ask clients to avoid coming to see you if they have any coronavirus symptoms. Reassure your clients that there will be NO fee for cancellations due to ill-health. It’s important during this difficult time to be more flexible than usual. 

Remove items

Before re-opening, remove any items that clients usually handle such as magazines, leaflets, product testers, and books. If you still want to display marketing such as price lists you could laminate and place on walls for clients to view without touching. Things such as aftercare leaflets can be emailed directly to clients. You can download our free Aftercare Leaflet HERE

Payment Options

Consider offering card only payments. This will help decrease unnecessary contact. Put up reminders throughout your premises to remind clients of this. If you usually receive tips, leave a tip jar in reception to ensure money isn’t passed hand-to-hand (this should be clean regularly and hands washed after handling cash). 


Evidence suggests that the virus is less likely to spread in well-ventilated areas. Make sure when you can try to leave windows and doors open. Use external extraction fans if you have these and set them to maximise the fresh airflow. 

Stock Up

As you’ve been closed for a while, check that all your stock is in date and ok to use. Also, note that the products you need for treatments may go out of stock quickly because of the high demand. Here at Hyladerm, we have had to increase our delivery time due to Royal Mail (2-5 working days for UK orders).


Get ready to be busier than every! Check out our Coronavirus Support Guide HERE. You can save up to 50% off everything in our sitewide sale – stock up HERE.