• What is the difference between all your fillers?

    Our range of fillers have been created to treat different areas of the body as well as targeting lines and wrinkles of varying severity. Each filler has a different viscosity, particle size and density which allows our customers to create the perfect outcome for their clients.

    We create both Monophasic and Biphasic dermal fillers for maximum scope.

    Monophasic Fillers

    Hyladrem Fine is a lightweight and high viscoelacticity dermal filler, used to treat superficial facial lines such as crow’s feet.

    Hyladerm No Needle has a particle size which is slightly smaller than our Deep filler but with similar lifespans, this filler has been created for improved entry into the dermal layer and for use in a range of no needle Hylaluron Air Pens.

    Hyladerm Deep has a thicker and longer lasting formula and is used to treat deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

    Our fourth product in the classic range, Hyladerm Ultra-Deep has the thickest properties and the strong ability to mould and maintain structure over long periods of time. It is recommend for treatment of extremely severe lines and wrinkles.

    Biphasic Dermal Fillers

    Hyladerm Pro Definehas been specially formulated to treat the delicate lip area. The advanced formula contains multiphase cross-linking technology as well as enhanced purification. This allows for a firmer texture, longer-lasting results and a smooth finish. The smaller smoother particles are perfect for adding back lost volume, improving lip texture and hydrating the lips.

  • Which filler is best for the Hylaluron pen?

    Although all our fillers can be used within some brands of Hylaluron Air Pen we recommend using either Hyladerm No Needle or Hyladerm Deep for best volume support.

    Hyladerm No Needle with Lidocaine is made with Ultra-Pure vegan-friendly hyaluronic acid and has been created specifically with the Hyaluron Air pen our No Needle filler is made from the same high quality Ultra-Pure vegan-friendly hyaluronic acid as our other fillers but with unique properties that make it better suited to the no-needle filler process.

  • How long can you keep the product for once opened?

    We do not advise you keep unused Hyladerm after use with your clients in order to prevent cross contamination. Though despite what many would lead you to believe recent medical studies show that dermal fillers can be safely stored once opened if chilled for some (42 days as tested by Medical Express).

  • How do you store the filler?

    Filler should be kept in a cool dry location and can be stored for up to 24 months. It should never reach temperatures above 25 degrees centigrade or be kept below 2 degrees centigrade. It should never be frozen.