How can you plan and prepare for your business to re-open during these difficult times? We have a few helpful tips on have you can prepare to get your salon ready for the new ‘normal’. Now is the time to reset and restart your beauty business and there are many things to consider. 

Should You Rush To Re-open?

Just because you can re-open doesn’t mean you should. It may take a while for your customers to regain their confidence to get back to their ‘normal’ lifestyle. You could consider re-opening but with reduced hours to keep your overheads down. If you prepare for a slow return, you can put contingencies in place to adapt your beauty business. 

Time For A Re-start 

Treat your business as a ‘start-up’. Use this time to re-access every free opportunity you have to promote your business. Take advantage of social media, local Facebook groups, customer referrals, and salon promotions. This is a great opportunity to work on your business plan and look at new ways to market your salon. 

Create Meaningful Conversations 

Reassure your clients about the new steps you have put in place to ensure their well-being and safety; an email to your customer database is a great way to do this. As a beauty business especially, you want to create a calm and positive environment. It is also important to let your employees know what you are doing to make sure you can continue to submit payroll. Re-enforce everything you are doing to allow your customers to feel welcomed and desiring to return. Keep customers loyal and engaged by actively posting on social media. 

Retain Loyal Customers 

Now is the time to focus on existing customers. Seize your loyal clients before attracting new customers. If you don’t wish to discount your services you could instead offer added value. For example, if you provide lip fillers within your clinic why not offer a free top-up in 6 months? This will increase customer loyalty as well as help retain them. If you are constantly competing with your competitors on pricing it can cause a real strain on your business and have an impact on the type of customer you attract. It can also have a negative result when you want to raise your treatment pricing back up to your original price model. 

Changes To Business

As a result of COVID-19, we predict there will a few changes to the beauty industry and ways of working. There will likely be extra pressure on hygiene and customer safety. Ensuring that you are up-to-date with the latest salon hygiene regulations and making sure you are wearing the correct protective gear will help reinstall confidence in your clients. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to go cashless or at least make sure you offer card payments. During this isolation period, there has been a big focus on health and wellbeing with people taking part in online exercise classes, cooking meals from scratch and focusing on their mental health. Society will be seeking wellness more than ever – how can you incorporate this sincerely and genuinely into your current business? 

Review Your Overheads

When you get back to work you will want to ensure you are maximizing your profits. Take this quiet period to review your expenses and see where you can save. Review everything from your insurance to your cleaning supplies and stock. Can you buy your products in bulk to qualify for a discount? Can you negotiate on your insurance fees? Go back to work with a clear mind and focus. Now, more than ever is an important time to manage your finances. 

It’s important to remember that we are all in this together. Hyladerm is here to support everybody in whichever way we can. We hope you found these tips helpful for when beauty businesses are allowed to re-open.