What are the benefits of Hyladerm Pro Define?

  •  Vegan-friendly formula – As with all our products, we use non-animal-based hyaluronic acid with high purity and is a completely natural, vegan-friendly substance.
  •  Premium technology at an affordable price – We focus our budget on innovation rather than marketing which is why we can afford to offer our customers an affordable product without compromising on the quality.
  •  Natural-looking results – Hyladerm Pro has been developed using the finest ingredients and specially formulated using multiple cross-linking processes to provide smooth, natural results every time.
  •  Low risk with minimal side effects – Our strict quality control gives our customers and their clients the confidence to use a product that is safe and undergone rigorous testing.
  •  Long-lasting – Our Pro Define range is formulated using multi-phase cross-linking technology and enhanced purification to ensure a strong stability of HA which creates a long-lasting result and happier clients.


Which areas can be treated?

For best results, use this for lip augmentation.

  • Use to define the cupids bow
  • Apply to the corners of the lips to improve the lips-to-eye relationship
  • Add volume to the centre of the lips for a plumper pout
  • Correct asymmetrical lips for an even appearance
  • Add fullness to the top lip to improve the side profile projection

Why is Hyladerm Pro Define suitable for lip augmentation?

Hyladerm Pro Define has been specially formulated to have a high elasticity. This means it can resist change of shape brought on by external factors such as smiling, talking and eating. Which makes this perfect for improving the definition of the lip area whilst providing longevity.

What is a biphasic dermal filler?

Biphasic dermal fillers, such as Hyladerm Pro Define, consist of two phases of hyaluronic acid. Our advanced multi-phase technology results in a 3D gel with a firmer texture, longer-lasting effects and a natural look every time.

Which clients aren’t suitable for Hyladerm Pro Define?

We advise not to use this with clients under the age of eighteen, pregnant women or those with a hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine.

How long do the results last?

Results last 6-12 months, however, a top-up may be required to achieve the desired effect.

How is the Hyladerm Pro Series different from the Hyladerm Classic range?

The main difference is the manufacturing process. Hyladerm Classic is a Monophasic filler (the HA is cross-linked in a single step) and Hyladerm Pro is a Biphasic filler (consists of two phases of HA). We use both manufacturing processes for maximum scope to suit each client’s individual needs.

Can this be used with the hyaluron pen? (no needle method)

Yes, you can use Hyladerm Pro Define with a hyaluron pen but for best results, we recommend using Hyladerm No Needle With Lidocaine.