Innovation is at the heart of everything we do here at Hyladerm. After months of product testing, formula tweaking and consumer feedback we are thrilled to announce the launch of Hyalderm Pro.

We wanted to expand on our current classic range of four unique, vegan-friendly dermal fillers to create a new generation of fillers that are designed to address the specific aesthetic needs of your clients. The first product to launch in the Hyladerm Pro series is Hyladerm Pro Define – exclusively designed for the lip area.

What is Hyladerm Pro Define?

Lip augmentations have dominated the aesthetics industry for the past few years. Demand for the treatment is higher than ever with clients wanting to achieve fuller-looking lips. Hyladerm Pro Define has been specially formulated to treat the delicate lip area. The advanced formula contains multiphase cross-linking technology as well as enhanced purification. This allows for a firmer texture, longer-lasting results, and a smooth finish. The smaller, smoother particles are perfect for adding back lost volume, improving lip texture and hydrating the lips.

Depending on the client and the desired result, a top-up may be required in 4-6 months.


Which clients is Hyladerm Pro suitable for?

Our newest dermal filler is suitable for older clients who want to restore lost volume for a youthful look. Hyladerm Pro works to re-hydrate the lips, eliminating fine lines and creating a smoother texture. It can also be used on younger clients who want to enhance their lips or want to achieve the ‘Russian Lips’ look.

What is the difference between Hyladerm Pro and the Hyladerm Classic range?

The main difference is the manufacturing process. Hyladerm Classic is a Monophasic filler (the HA is cross-linked in a single step) and Hyladerm Pro is a Biphasic filler (consists of two phases of HA). We use both manufacturing processes for maximum scope to suit each client’s individual needs.

Biphasic dermal fillers such as Hyladerm Pro Define have higher elasticity meaning they resist change of shape brought on by external factors such as smiling, talking and eating. As a result, our newest product is perfect for improving the definition of the lip area whilst providing longevity.

What are the properties of Hyladerm Pro Define?

Type: Biphasic

Concentration: 20mg

Particle size: Small

Needle: 27g

Injection Depth: Upper Dermis

Duration: 6-12 Months

Which areas can I treat with Hyladerm Pro Define?

For best results, use this to treat the lips and around the mouth.

  • Use to define the cupids bow
  • Apply to the corners of the lips to improve the lips-to-eye relationship
  • Add volume to the centre of the lips for a plumper pout
  • Correct asymmetrical lips for an even appearance
  • Add fullness to the top lip to improve the side profile projection
  • Smooth our wrinkles such as nasolabial folds