The past few years have seen a significant increase in people opting to live a vegan lifestyle and consciously become more environmentally friendly. In the UK, over 3.5 million Britons have chosen to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle and that number continues to grow rapidly.

The beauty industry has also picked up on this trend. Vegan facial skincare launches almost tripled between 2013 and 2018, rising from 13% of all launches in 2014 to 28% in 2018. Not only are people aware of what they put into their bodies, but they are also mindful of what they put on their skin.

Here at Hyladerm, we are proud to be the pioneers for vegan-friendly dermal fillers. All our products are 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. We believe in testing our products on humans, not animals.

Hyladerm’s premium technology uses ultra-pure, non-animal based hyaluronic acid which is a completely natural substance created through the bio-fermentative process to provide natural fullness with the skin and lip area. Our hyaluronic acid is vegan, and when it comes to the Lidocaine (or sometimes known as Lignocaine) in our dermal fillers, we reached out to the Vegan Society when producing our products and although NO drug currently in use in the UK is technically fully vegan (given they will all have been tested on animals once upon a time during their development) there are thankfully anaesthetic drugs which are vegan-friendly, and Lidocaine is one of these.

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