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How does it work?

Copy Your Referral Link

Copy your unique referral link which can be found in your member area and give your friends 20% OFF their FIRST order!

Inject Some Love

Share your link with as many people as possible and spread some HYLAlove. You can even post it on social media!

Sit Back And Save

Every time someone purchases using your link we will send you a discount code for 35% off!


Your refer a friend link can be found in your member area which can be accessed from logging into the Hyladerm website (or you can click here). Simply copy the referral link and send it your friends or share it on social media, it can also be sent in direct messages and WhatsApp!

Your discount code will be automatically emailed to you once the person you recommend Hyladerm to makes their first purchase and it has been dispatched from our warehouse.

There’s no limit on how many people you can recommend, but the promotion only works on first-time customers, it’s not valid for those who already have an account or have previously placed an order. The more people you recommend Hyladerm to, the more you can save as your vouchers will never expire!

The refer a friend promotion is only valid when you recommend new customers to Hyladerm, if you recommend someone and they already have an account with us then unfortunately you wont receive a coupon.

Once your friend has clicked your unique referral link they just need to create an account on hyladerm.com and they will automatically be emailed a 20% discount code. They can then add products to their basket and the code can then be entered at the checkout stage.

Yes, the referral discount is limited to the first 50 units on each order where a discount is applied to.

Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

Referring a friend or business is a great way to tell others about Hyladerm. As with all offers, there are a few rules (or Terms & Conditions, but let’s not get too formal) so we can be sure that everyone plays fair. Here they are…

Hyladerm account holders can:

  • Refer multiple friends — there’s no limit. Referred friends must be completely new to Hyladerm. They can’t have placed an order at any time.
  • Only have one Hyladerm account and can’t refer themselves — sorry!
  • Post the unique referral link on personal social media accounts, excluding any site that is contributed to or is owned by someone else (e.g. Wikipedia and coupon websites). Note: Search Engine Marketing (e.g. Adwords, Yahoo, or Bing) or the words ‘coupon’, ‘code’, ‘promo code’, ‘discount code’, ‘voucher code’ or ‘voucher’ must not be used to promote posts.

Referred friends can:

  • Join Hyladerm as a referred friend if they’ve never made a Hyladerm order. They can start referring their own friends as soon as they have a Hyladerm account.

Let’s talk rewards!

When referring friends, Hyladerm account holders receive a one-time 35% discount code emailed to them when a referred friend makes their first purchase.

Referred friends get a 20% discount code emailed to them when they register on the Hyladerm website and this can be used against the payment for their first order (excluding shipping).

Referred friends must click to hyladerm.com from the unique referral link.

About the Refer a Friend rewards:

  • The discounts have no official monetary value and can’t be exchanged, transferred, redeemed, replaced or refunded for proper cash.
  • Rewards last for 12 months without a purchase.

What if…

  • A referred friend cancels their first order? Hyladerm will reclaim any rewards given to the referring account holder for the Refer a Friend program.
  • Hyladerm decides to gift a discount or make an exception to the Terms & Conditions? This is rare and the Terms & Conditions remain unchanged for all other instances.
  • Rules or incentives change or end? It’s not often, but this can happen. If it does, Hyladerm will reflect the changes here.
  • A referred friend or referring account holder has questions? Hyladerm will reply and any decisions made will be at Hyladerm’s sole discretion.
  • Privacy is a concern? Rest easy — our Refer a Friend scheme uses our standard website Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions so everyone’s completely safe.