When it comes to our mental and physical health, we tend not to prioritize these things. With so much going on all around the world it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves. Right now is more important than ever to focus on our well-being and focus on the positive. We have some easy-to-implement tasks to help you slow down and de-stress. Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour to spare, it’s vital to indulge in some me-time. 

Your Mind

If your mind is whirring with negative thoughts and worry it helps to write these down. Take these thoughts out of your head and write every single thing down. If it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t matter – no one else needs to read it. This act with help you clear your mind so you can focus on what is important. Doing this right before bed can help improve your sleep. 

Another great tip is to minimize the amount of news you watch/read. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed with the rush of important we see every day so it’s important to switch off from the media and limit your viewing if you feel like it’s having a negative impact on you.

Your Body

You might be feeling the pressure to take up an exercise right now. Online workouts have taken social media by storm but don’t feel guilty if you aren’t quick to put on the lycra. Exercise doesn’t have to be time-consuming or hard work – all you need to do it move. Put on your favourite song and dance, by yourself or with your family. This will help you feel-good and up-lift your mood. Do this in the morning whilst the kettle is boiling to start your day right with a rush of endorphins. Why not create a feel-good playlist? 

Your Heart 

We may be social distancing but that doesn’t mean we need to stop social interactions. Start a daily tea talk with someone in your household or a friend ( via video call). For five minutes everyday talk about each other’s day and listen carefully. With no distractions, this will help to make you feel closer to that person. To not feel alone during this difficult time should be a top priority. 


We hope you found some of these tips helpful. Doing all, or just one, of these for 5 minutes a day is guaranteed to lift your mood. Take this time to focus on feeling good in whichever way you can.